Chapter 4: Day Zero

4 Days Before Initial Infection - Geneva, TX

Castro would find himself awake in a world of visual distortion as his partner shook him from the driver's seat of their SUV, "Stay awake dude, you're concussed, you can't be falling asleep on me."
Night had become day, and Smith maintained his distance between Gonzales' vehicle, which was a barely-visible dot amongst the heat mirage on the horizon.  Castro squinted in an attempt to focus his vision, but it would clear itself up in time for him to make his assessment, "We're running low on fuel, which means that he's running low on fuel.  So I say we whack this motherfucker as soon as he stops for gas,"  Castro rubbed the side of his head in a weak attempt to alleviate the massive amount of pain in which he was suffering. 
"So what do we do, Cas?  Just hop out when he hops out and light him up?"  Smith alternated his alert gaze between his partner and the road before him.

Chapter 3: Ten Days Before Initial Infection - The Birth of Operation: Red Storm

Washington D.C.

The cafe was desolate aside from the only employee present, a teenage female hipster who was busy cleaning the display case for the shop's assorted pastries.  Gerald Gordon was an island at the center of the cafe's patio, utilizing a second chair to house his wingtip-clad feet, which sat opposite from the chair in which he sat.  On the table before him sat a small cup of heavily-sweetened black coffee, a half-eaten blueberry muffin, and a larger-than-average laptop.  The laptop's screensaver was the CIA seal which blinked into visibility every few seconds.  Gordon was waiting for someone, and he sipped away at his coffee as he waited.

Chapter 2: Five Days Before Initial Infection - The McKay Research Facility

Dallas, TX

The DarkForest Defense Contracting Company's briefing room was alive with the conversations and hearty laughter of former military personnel.  The men were summoned for their next assignment, and were awaiting their superior's orders.  Upon his entrance, Rudy "Gonzo" Gonzales made it clear to his employees that his presence was to be greeted with silence, "Okay, okay!  Everyone shut the fuck up and put your eyes on me, we got work to do."  The men did exactly as they were told.  "First order of business, we got two new guys in the building.  Everyone say hello to Felix Castro and Walter Smith," this order was followed by an overwhelmingly unenthusiastic greeting, "These guys are fresh from the Middle East, and have plenty of trigger time under their belts, so no one has to worry about working with some amateurs.  With introductions out of the way, let's get down to business..."

Chapter 1: Thirty Days After Initial Infection - Dr. Brooklyn Martin's First Washington Briefing of the Specter Strain

The conference room's symmetry suffered no indiscretion, as its table and chairs remained unoccupied.  Dr. Brooklyn Martin and Senator Carl Weathers stood slightly right of the room's only entrance and exit.  The senator had summoned the doctor in order to grasp the situation to the fullest extent.  Senator Weathers thumbed through one of the freshly-printed, collated lab reports that the doctor had provided for the committee.  A copy lay in front of each of the twelve seats upon the extended table designated for the meeting.  The senator continued to skim over the report as he spoke.